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Estate Planning

Estate planning is much more than just drafting will documents, trusts, or dealing with estates for clients. An estate planning attorney from Booth Law, P.C. can offer professional legal advice on how to distribute assets to someone’s beneficiaries. Whether through a document that goes into effect after someone passes or a living will, our probate lawyer can help organize your assets easily. At Booth Law, P.C., we fully understand all tax and probate laws in the state of Massachusetts and can protect your legal rights every step of the way.

Understanding Probate Law

Probate is known as the legal process of transferring property upon someone’s death. This is a court-supervised process that requires the experience of a probate lawyer. Probate of a will shows the court that the person who passed followed all necessary legal requirements in Massachusetts in drafting their willing.

The process of probating an estate includes: collecting all property, paying all taxes and/or debts owed by the estate, settling any disputes if applicable, collecting all rights to income or dividends, and distributing/transferring the remaining property to heirs or beneficiaries of the will. Generally, the person who has passed names an executor that takes over the management of their affairs after they pass.

Wills Versus Trusts

A will is a formal legal document that details how an individual wishes their wealth/property distributed after their death. This formalizes one’s intentions and prevents unnecessary – and oftentimes expensive – litigation from occurring after someone’s death.

A trust is a legal arrangement where a person or institution (known as a trustee) holds a legal title to property for a beneficiary. This trust passes outside of probate court. An estate planning attorney can also help with removal of a trustee if they fail to abide by certain terms or if there’s conflict of interests, for instance.

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Whether you want to create a power of attorney, a will or trust, a health care directive or simply have questions regarding probate law, our estate planning attorney can help. At Booth Law, P.C., we have years of experience working with families to ensure that their property and wealth is protected in case of death. No matter what type of legal document, a Booth Law estate planning lawyer’s goal is to help our clients organize the future distribution of all of their assets with ease. Call (508) 202-1709 to speak to a professional estate planning attorney in Massachusetts today.