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Probate Law

When it comes to probate law, a probate lawyer from our MA law firm can help you sort out a variety of things including trusts, probate of wills, will preparation, living wills, durable or medical power of attorney, small estate affidavits, and affidavits of heirship. At Booth Law, P.C., we have years of experience and the proper resources to help you get the professional help you’re looking for.

Estate Planning in MA

Will preparation is perhaps the most popular type of estate planning within probate law. A will clearly outlines someone’s wishes regarding who receives their assets after they pass away. Massachusetts families should take the time to prepare a will as it helps make a difficult life situation easier. A probate attorney who has experience in probate law can ensure a smooth transfer of assets after a person’s death. Ultimately, leaving no will, or a poorly-prepared one, will leave your family with a costly and time-consuming process while they’re grieving your loss.

Meeting with a Massachusetts Probate Lawyer

Whether you’re facing the death of a loved one and need help dealing with the legalities of it all, or going through a battle over the allocation of assets, a Massachusetts probate lawyer from Booth Law, P.C. can help. We can work with you to find the answers that will allow you to move forward successfully. When you meet with a probate lawyer, he or she will be able to answer any questions you have about the legal process. We can also compare the benefits of a will versus a trust with you, and help you make an informed decision for your future.

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While the process of probate can seem overwhelming, your rights and wishes will be protected every step of the way. By contacting a Booth Law, P.C.  probate law attorney, you can relieve some of your stress knowing you have a legal professional on your side. Call (508) 202-1709 to schedule a free legal consultation today.