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Any legal matter that involves rental properties, tenants, or real estate transactions requires the experience of a real estate lawyer. These issues can lead to lengthy and costly legal battles if they aren’t dealt with properly. With the help of our Massachusetts real estate attorney, you can negotiate the best deal, ensure that tenant issues are resolved well, ensure there’s a smooth transfer of property for real estate transactions, and save money.

How a Real Estate Attorney Helps MA Property Owners

A real estate attorney from Booth Law, P.C. has experience in real estate and helping property owners with titles, preparing deeds to change titles of property, collecting for work performed, giving advice regarding real estate transactions, drafting contracts or other legal documents, preparing of trusts or wills to ensure transfer of property after death, as well as experience with closing services, heirship proceedings to change the title to property, and even foreclosure services.

Real Estate Insurance Litigation

If you’ve purchased a piece of property – whether for business or personal use – it is likely that you also invested in some type of real estate title insurance to protect it. However, there will be a time where you may require the assistance of a real estate insurance litigation attorney. We can offer you the protection you need when pursuing an insurance claim or if you’re being pursued. Our experienced Massachusetts attorney from Booth Law, P.C. can help manage any issues you’re facing with your real estate insurance.

Landlord Representation in MA

Our legal team is well-versed in eviction laws and can help you to get tenants evicted when necessary. Hiring a lawyer to handle an eviction will give you peace of mind, while saving you time, and most importantly, money. We can manage your legal affairs and make sure that every law is followed during this difficult legal process.

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If an individual or entity claims they have the right to a property that you have purchased, you may be in a situation where litigation is possible. Getting professional legal advice from our real estate lawyer can help give you the information you need to move forward and to protect your property in Massachusetts. To learn more and to secure the experienced legal help you need, call Booth Law, P.C. at (508) 202-1709 today.