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Tax attorneys deal with many different tax-related issues including doing probate estate and trust tax returns. At Booth Law, P.C., we can assist our clients in Massachusetts with litigation and settlement negotiations. You may want to reach out to our tax attorney team for experienced legal advice on a variety of different tax-related matters.

What Our Tax Attorney Team Can Help You With in MA

Our tax attorney team can help you with estate planning, and with tax advice if you are starting a new business. Additionally, we can represent business owners that are undergoing an audit by the IRS or who want to file an audit appeal. We are also experienced with filing wrongful levies or wrongful disclosures. We at Booth Law, P.C. can guide our clients through various tax issues they may be facing when they need it the most. We offer professional legal advice in finance, taxes, estate planning and real estate management in Massachusetts.

Tax Attorney Help

When it comes to understanding how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) works, our tax lawyer can help. Whether you’re dealing with your own business or your personal taxes, some issues can arise that may seem overwhelming. However, our tax attorney can put your worries at made ease. If dealing with the IRS, having a lawyer by your side that understands the process is key. At Booth Law, P.C., we know how to maneuver any situation to get the best results for our clients.

An experienced tax lawyer in Massachusetts understands all tax laws. Our professionals at Booth Law, P.C. are proficient in negotiating on your behalf and know what the IRS will accept. This can save you a lot of time and bring you peace of mind.

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When you have a Massachusetts tax lawyer on your side, you are less likely to deal with serious tax mistakes or problems in the future. An attorney from Booth Law, P.C. can help you to make informed business decisions and walk you through various business processes, saving you money in the long-term. Schedule a free consultation with our tax lawyer today. Call our law office at (508) 202-1709.