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Trust Administration

The wealth you’ve earned during your life can help your family continue theirs after you pass away. A properly drafted and administered trust from our probate lawyer will protect your assets. With legal help from our Massachusetts estate attorney, we can design and administer a family’s trust that will benefit you all. This can include revocable, irrevocable, charitable, marital, generation-skipping or grantor-retained annuity trusts. We can help explain the differences between all of these trusts and help you make an informed decision on which would work best for your financial situation.

Trust Administration Laws in Massachusetts

The laws concerning trust administration are found in the probate code, which allows trustees to administer trusts according to the legal documents and the provisions of the law codes in the state. A trustee is a fiduciary, a person who is responsible for carrying out the wishes of the person who appointed them.

Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Keeping beneficiaries informed of the trust and any updates
  • Administering the trust in the interest of all
  • Investing or managing trust assets as an investor, if applicable
  • Collecting claims that are due to the estate

All of these aspects of trust administration can be overseen with the help of a probate lawyer from Booth Law, P.C.

How A Probate Lawyer Can Help

With a properly drafted and effective trust arrangement, clients can not only secure and control the management and distribution of family assets, but also protect privacy and minimize tax costs. At Booth Law, P.C., we can provide comprehensive legal counsel to trust beneficiaries and trustees. We have years of experience drafting and managing all types of trusts and value helping our clients establish a trust that works best for them and their family.

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